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IEEE is the world’s largest association dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. It is pronounced, “Eye-triple-E”, which stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Who We Are

The IEEE Student Branch of SLTC is a highly potent student entity functionally run by the undergraduate students of Sri Lanka Technological Campus. It is one of the 20 student branches under the Sri Lankan Section which works towards the motive. At SLTC IEEE, we value the bonding of the stakeholders of all our endeavors driven under this household name. The hearts, souls, and minds of youngsters from all around the island are brought together in this place that we call our home. At SLTC IEEE, we respect all your ideas, and help you improve them, implement them and make them a reality.
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Our Vision and Mission

The vision of the IEEE Student Branch of SLTC is to empower the Sri Lankan Youth with well-planned endeavors that would shape their lives in the aspects of Science and Technology while promoting optimism, unity, and perseverance.

For the year 2021, IEEE-SLTC runs the mission of Collaboration and Networking while penetrating all segments of professionals, students, and enthusiasts in the domains of prevailing and upcoming technologies.

What We Do at SLTC IEEE

Simply, SLTC IEEE is a place for all volunteers who would like to gain professional experience and qualifications in project organizing, organizational work, leadership, and also get updated in the latest cutting edge technologies in the industry and develop their academic skills to survive in the industry. It is also a place for you to build up your network nationally as well as internationally.
We cover the areas of,

  • ◉ Technical Activities
  • ◉ Industry Related Activities and Collaborations
  • ◉ Academic Activities
  • ◉ Research Based Activities
  • ◉ Non-technical/ Soft skills Development Activities
  • ◉ Networking and Leadership Activities

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IEEE Is For All of You!

who wish to gain professional experience and have fun. Specially:

  • ◉ Engineering Students
  • ◉ IT Students
  • ◉ Technology Students
  • ◉ Business management Student
  • ◉ And other various degree followers

Our Achievements

Since its inception in 2018, the student branch has maintained a good reputation among the universities and the student community. In the past year, the IEEE Student Branch of SLTC was able to win multiple awards in the IEEE Sri Lanka Section such as;

  • The Best Student Branch Activity for 2020 (Project "IEEE GISLA 2020") - IEEE Sri Lanka Section
  • Highest Membership Retention 2020 - IEEE Sri Lanka Section
  • Best Emerging Student Branch - IEEE Boost 2020 by IEEE SL Student Activities Committee
  • Best Emerging Student Branch Activity (Project "Knowledge Hub") - IEEE Boost 2020 by IEEE SL Student Activities Committee
  • The only Sri Lankan Student Branch to receive the honor of being a Student Branch Partner at Region 10 SYWL International Congress 2020
  • ◉ For National Level Volunteering, 70+ applications and 30+ members are selected to positions varying from National Project Chairs, team leads to team members. (2 out of 7 Project Chairs, 6 out of 24 teams leads and also, more than 20% of volunteers at the national level are from SLTC)
  • Most liked IEEE Facebook page, most subscribed IEEE youtube channel in Sri Lanka
  • ◉ 1000+ participants for almost every webinar, and many more achieved, improving the quality standards of students as well as the community.
  • ◉ Out of 20 IEEE University Student Branches, SLTC IEEE is one of the best performing student branches, leading and guiding our volunteers to achieve high.

What we did

Technical and Academic Activities
  1. Knowledge Hub (Award-Achievement)
  2. The Month of Codegenix (Codemania, Road to Codemania, Adagrad)
  3. Technobots - The Battle Between Bots
  4. AeroTech (In collaboration with SEDS SLTC)
  5. Ardioflo - The Arduino Workshop
  6. Illusio - Workshop on AR, VR, and MR
  7. Cyberhat - Workshop on Cybersecurity
  8. Gear Up Tomorrow (In collaboration with SLTC Business School)
  9. How to Write a Research Paper
Industry Related and Collaborated Activities
  1. SLTC Career Expo
  2. Entrevistas 21 - Women Interview Skills Development Workshop
  3. Way to Wisdom - Career Guidance Workshop
  4. Electronic Engineering - Innovation through Industrial Electronics
Non-Technical Activities
  1. IEEE GISLA (Award-Achievement)
  2. IEEE Let's Read International
  3. Sinhalen DOCS (in collaboration with Leo club of SLTC)
  4. Orator - The Speech Competition
  5. Graphico - The Graphic Design Workshop
  6. WIN Magazine
  7. Women, to Rise above the Pandemic
  8. International Networking Activities

(Visit SLTC IEEE Events to know more about our activities.)

Student Branch Chapters and Affinity Groups

Student Branch Chapters and affinity groups are sub operational units of the IEEE Student Branch of SLTC. Currently there are 4 such units:

  1. IEEE Women in Engineering Affinity Group of SLTC
  2. IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Chapter of SLTC
  3. IEEE Computer Society Chapter of SLTC
  4. IEEE Industry Applications Society Chapter of SLTC

To Know More About Them: About SLTC IEEE

Why should you join?

There are many success stories born from IEEE. There is a lot you can gain. We value your ideas, we provide a chance for your creativity. We help you develop while we develop as well. You’ll be able to discover your hidden talents. We are on the mission to improve the standards of SLTC as well as ourselves.

IEEE SLTC Register now cover image

So Join Us.
Together, Let’s Reach High

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