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Rank Team Code Team Name Score
1 T55 Team Shadow 835
2 T37 Divergent 768
3 T15 Team Alpha 741
4 T30 techieTrio 649
5 T48 Team we-match 612
6 T63 Techies 609
7 T56 Coderigade 596
8 T26 coding_ANGELS 586
9 T09 Dream Epic 574
10 T61 API 530
11 T68 Head_Hunters 523
12 T51 Fitech 522
13 T52 Scorpions 437
14 T20 Code Ninjas 412
15 T08 Team "Shalom" 388
16 T59 Byte Warriors 377
17 T01 RANDOMS' 362
18 T45 Unicorns 358
19 T53 Techy Trio 354
20 T05 GIRLS SQUAD 351
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Winners Shall Be Named In:

16th October 2021 @ 06:00PM


What is InspiHER{Tech} V1.0?

InspiHER{Tech} V1.0 is an inter-university technical competition solely dedicated to female undergraduates. The IEEE WIE Affinity Group of SLTC strongly believes that girls in STEM need to be encouraged and empowered by giving them suitable platforms to show their capability. InspiHER{Tech} V1.0 is initiated to witness the rise of exemplary women professionals with strong leadership skills who can work together as a team and show their talents in the Science & Technology sector.

The competition consists of 3 rounds namely,

Our Vision

InspiHER{Tech} V1.0 strives to hearten, empower and reinforce the female undergraduate community through STEM-related interests.

Our Mission

We aim to encourage female undergraduates islandwide to adapt to the dynamically evolving Science and technology field. Our efforts will be put into providing the adequate exposure and stimulation crucial in boosting the talents of young undergraduates through a virtual platform. All activities will be implemented by us in catering for the right balance of technical skills and soft skills. It is more than a competition, it is our take-on to build exemplary female leaders with the right set of skills that we believe STEM fields need.

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Second Place


First Place


Third Place



All female undergraduates in Sri Lanka who are passionate about the Science and Technology field can compete. If you are ready for a challenge you came to the right place!

  • InspiHER{Tech} is the ideal platform to showcase your exemplary skills spread across the spectrum of technology.
  • This is an opportunity to develop your skill portfolio with leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and effective decision making.
  • Gain experience in areas of competitive coding and circuit designing. You can utilize your existing knowledge, learn more and improve to even better standards.
  • Let the challenges motivate your passion for STEM.
  • Be recognized for your brilliance and achievements gained in competing at InspiHER{Tech}. The entire event is absolutely FREE!

  • InspiHER{Tech} V1.0 is open to all female undergraduates of Sri Lanka.
  • All participants must register themselves as teams in order to compete for InspiHER{Tech} V1.0.
  • Each team must consist of three (3) female undergraduates(including the team leader).
  • You must appoint a team leader for your team.
  • After registering, the team members must remain unchanged for the entire competition timeline. You cannot change your team members for any given reason.
  • One registrant can all be registered under one (1) team. If any individual is identified as a member in 2 or more teams, the entire team or teams will be disqualified.
  • Teams must compete in all 3 rounds specified ( InspiHER {CircuitriX}, InspiHER {MindFest} & InspiHER {CodeWars} )

*You can refer to guidelines and more information from the handbook.

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