The Awareness webinar on Inventions & Innovations | Is another initiative of CIRCUITO'21; which will be dedicated to bringing forth awareness to inventions & innovations. This webinar will be mainly focused on,

  • innovative ideas and new inventions
  • platforms available for inventors
  • information about governing bodies
  • the support and encouragement.

Simply: how to mold you as an innovator!


Competition Details

The Circuito’21 is a monumental effort brought to life by the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) Student Branch Chapter of SLTC. The competition intends to inspire the inventors of Sri Lanka by pioneering the platform to bring out their creativity, inventiveness, and ingenuity. Intending to empower inventors’ minds, the competition allows inventors to present innovations of their own and offer the recognition they truly deserve. All citizens are invited to unleash their inner potential through this competition and stand a chance to win valuable scholarships and cash prizes.


IES Circuito'21 Committee


At present the COVID 19 pandemic has created such a scenario where the entire human population is facing one of the biggest challenges the world has ever faced, creating many problems individually and socially. Our mission is to make individuals and organizations seek answers or solutions for those problems paving the way to many innovations and inventions throughout the world.


The judging criteria for the competition will be as follows;

  • 70% - of the decision is completely based on the decree of the judges.
  • 20% - is considered by the virtual voting system
  • 10% - is considered by post reactions on Facebook

For more details, please refer to the guidelines.

Please be kind enough to obey the relevant rules and regulations.


Through our website and voting can be placed there. Fore more details please refer to the guidelines.

It is mandatory to kindly abide by the rules and regulations.


On 22nd to 24th of October 2021



Exhibition Submission starting date


Exhibition Submission closing date


Virtual Exhibition and the competition

22/10/2021 to 24/10/2021 (72Hrs)

Voting period of the exhibition – Starting time & date

22/10/2021 at 00.01AM

Voting period of the exhibition – Closing time & date

24/10/2021 at 11.59PM

Declaration of the winners




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Rules And Regulations

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1st Place

20,000 LKR

Scholarships & Robo-kit

robo kit gift

2nd Place

15,000 LKR

Scholarships & Development Kit

development kit gift

3rd Place

10,000 LKR


All Participants

Scholarships + Valuable Cerificate

*Out of all the contestants who participated in the competition and the virtual exhibition, five innovations selected by the jury will be awarded the prestigious title of "Most Honorary Invention" with a medal and a certificate of recommendation.